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Web programming and corporate identity solutions


:: web pages and portals assisted by content management systems (CMS)

:: search engine optimization (SEO)

:: web based project management, reporting and automated invoicing environements


Development and design platforms: PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, DHTML, Java, JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, CSS
Databases: MySql, MS SQL Server, XML, Crystal reporting


Chemical and Process Engineering Software Solutions


:: implementation of equipment design and cost estimation tools
:: developement of chemical and process engineering unit operation models

:: optimization algorithms: gradient and evolutionary methods (genetic algorithms)
:: dynamic optimization: control vector discretization and multiple shooting

:: robust optimization - optimization under uncertainty
:: software for Process Analytical Technologies (PAT):
      - automated digital image processing

:: state-space non-linear model based process controller prototyping and deployment with OPC connectivity

:: statistical process monitoring tools: Shewhart, Cusum, EWMA, multivariate Hotelling charts on latent variables - principal component models (PCA)

:: time series modeling and forecasting
:: artificial intelligence driven solutions: neural-networks, neuro-fuzzy and Takagi Sugeno models for time-series prediction, static mapping, data mining and pattern recognition applications
Development platforms: Visual Studio .NET - C++, C#, Visual Basic.




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